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Control mobile phone from PC - Pocket Controller Pro


Microsoft Windows Mobile is (by far) the best operating system for mobile phones and PDAs. You have huge portfolio of commercial and freeware applications available, synchronization between Windows XP (using ActiveSync) or Windows Vista (Synchronization center) is easy, and new Windows Mobile devices by independent competing vendors are launched every day with latest innovations (3G, GPS, Wifi, HW keyboard).

For $35.95 your can add one more feature / advantage to Windows Mobile phones, and that is complete remote control from your PC, using mouse and keyboard, thanks to Pocket Controller Pro v6. Your Windows Mobile phone can be connected via USB, Bluetooth and/or Wifi.

Remote control your mobile phone from PC has many advantages. Installation and configuration of new software is much easier, and you can type SMS and MMS messages directly on PC keyboard.

This is what you see will see with Pocket Controller Pro and HTC Artemis connected:

Pocket Controller ProPocket Controller Pro - ovládání mobilu z PC
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