Apple iPhone - dumb and dumber?

I am using Microsoft Windows Mobile phones for last two years, and will never go back to a non Windows  Mobile OS again. It does everything I need, and I mean everything. I have installed about 100 applications and games on it, and truly love it.

Windows Mobile Windows Mobile

We have also Apple iPhone on the market, which some people believe is going to be awesome. Or, at least, that is what Apple says. They claim it is revolutionary. Liars. The truth is iPhone is obsolete.

It does not have GPS (Google Maps without GPS are useless), MMS, HW keyboard, fast 3G data transfers (only slow EDGE), voice dialing (to dial your mom in a car and not to kill yourself), incremental contact search, and it is not a smartphone. homepage loads 2 minutes on iPhone's EDGE, and you cannot accept calls while EDGE is active. Lovely phone, isn't it?

It is not using OS X. It is not a small MacBook. Do you know how long it takes MacBook Pro to boot? About 30-60 seconds, and that is with dualcore C2D CPU a 2GB of RAM. Now imagine +/- 600MHz ARM Samsung CPU in iPhone to do the same.. How long would it take? 30 minutes? It is using something like "OS X Mobile", which has pretty obviously nothing to do with the "real" OS X. Same as Windows Mobile has pretty much nothing to do with Windows Vista.

In fact, biggest disadvantage of iPhone is not even missing features like voice dial, MMS, HW keyboard and/or GPS, but completely missing SDK (development environment).

Developing SDK and giving it for free to developers is a major expense and major pain, and even companies like Nokia or SonyEricsson, which are on the market for "centuries", had problems with it. Microsoft has excellent SDK for Windows Mobile, and that is why there are millions of apps for WM5/WM6, a lot of them being freeware.

Apple has no development platform / SDK. They try to hide this huge shortcoming by saying "Safari is your SDK". Hehe. They can fool sheep that simple JavaScripts widgets running under Safari and accessible only as bookmarks are real apps, but not tech people and business people. You cannot code (e.g.) GPS navigation handling 1GB maps, or advanced IM client under JavaScript/HTML/CSS.

I would not be able to use TomTom 6 or iGo MyWay 2006 on iPhone, to navigate me throughout Europe, play Omaha and Texas Hold'Em, and use VNC and SSH to access company servers.

iPhone is basically a "dumbphone" with poorly designed basic apps, not a smartphone, as installing native apps is a primary thing that distinguishes dumbphones from smart ones. My 8-years old daughter is using a much better phone (Samsung D900), and it was only $199.

Now, would you pay $600 for a dumbphone when you have $100 - $299 Windows Mobile and Symbian (UIQ) smartphones available?

People buying iPhone are pure "believers", missing rationality and self-esteem, believing in the only God (erm, Apple), always doing what he says. And the God said: "I order you to buy iPhone today! Or two of them!". Some are buying Apple logo only and fancy animations, as functionality is definitely inferior.

iPhone buyersAre these typical iPhone buyers?

There is nothing bad about this, nice personal choice (Do you love Apple logo above all? Go for it!), but they should acknowledge simple fact of iPhone being "technologically inferior and crippled". A dumbphone.

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