html2pdf - convert your XHTML to PDF easily

I've created html2pdf PHP class, which allows one-click conversion of XHTML to PDF. It is an extension of FPDF class, found on

Basic HTML2PDF features:

Example of usage:

Main class found in html2pd is createPDF. Its usage is best illustrated by this example:

include ('html2pdf.php');
$pdf =& new createPDF(
 $_POST['html'], // html text to publish
 $_POST['title'], // article title
 $_POST['url'], // article URL
 $_POST['author'], // author name
 time() );

Other possible parameters of html2pdf class can be found in its well commented source code.

File index.php includes online bookmarklet.


Download at


Supplied fonts are Times and Courier. If you need more fonts, follow a tutorial at


You want to try PDF export right now? Click on [Exports] link just under the current article.

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