Fortron Epsilon GLN 600/700W - making it quieter

Fortron Epsilon 600/700W GLN is one of the best power-supplies, reasonably priced, with well-designed internals, stable and quiet (considering it is able to deliver sustained power of 700W). Still, its noise level could be improved by using a third-party fan.

My home Intel quadcore PC is based on fantastic Stacker 830 case, using very quiet Noctua fans running at 800rpm for cooling, so I decided to install the same fan for Fortron Epsilon GLN power supply.

Power supply internals are done very cleanly, heatsink is surprisingly small considering 700W output:

Fan used is cheap Protechnic Electric one:

Internal fan is using a 2-PIN connector, but it is easy to cut it and solder it to Noctua fan, which comes with 3-PIN connector by default:

After few minutes we have this:

And here is what it looks like in Stacker 830 case, finished and very quiet:

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